Puri Mas History

The De Rijk Family

The story of Puri Mas Boutique Resort and Spa, Lombok is as romantic as the natural beauty that surrounds the properties. Owner Marcel De Rijk originally purchased the plot of land in Mangsit Beach, Lombok, to build a holiday home for his mother, Ratna Wati De Rijk.

Yet, before De Rijk had the chance to realize his dream project, local authorities issued a decree to reserve the area where his property lies for tourist destination. The ruling consequently threw De Rijk’s original plan off course.

Later, what seemed to be an unfortunate twist of fate turns out to be a pretense for a successful future. De Rijk converted the initial construction plan to comply with local regulation, and in 1987 Puri Mas Hotel eventually opened its doors for business.

Since the beginning, Puri Mas has embodied the De Rijk family’s passion for dancing. Henk and Ratna Wati De Rijk passed it down to Marcel and his sister (and dancing partner), Ratna De Rijk. To honor the family’s tradition, Marcel De Rijk named the hotel’s restaurant, The Ballroom Restaurant.

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Puri Mas has adopted a minimum guest age of 12 years.

Each of our swimming pools, which include our public and villa pools, is over 150cm deep.  Our pools are not attended or gated, therefore, in the interests of safety, we have made a conscious decision to adhere to this policy.