Best beaches in Lombok Indonesia

Best beaches in Lombok

A part of the Lesser Sunda Islands chain, Lombok is an island located in Indonesia. It is the best place for the people who want to enjoy the un-crowded atmosphere full of natural treasures and magnificent scenery without spending much money. With all these features, it is also the best place for the honeymooners where they can enjoy to the fullest. Also, if you are stressed or fed up with the monotonous life schedule, this place will give relaxation and peace to your mind by refreshing it. Of course the Gili Islands are worldwide famous, but there are other very interesting spots for sunbathing and swimming in Lombok.


Gili Meno Island, one of the most beautiful beaches in Lombok

Selong Belanak

One of the most impressive beaches, Selong Belanak, is known for its beauty and cleanliness. The shape of this beach is curvy having hills on its curved points. The sparkling white sand and sloping contour attract the tourists at the first glance. Though you are not recommended to do swimming in this beach but there are many other activities that you can do. You can relax on the white soft sand, have a sunbath, and explore the beach or whatever you like to do. If you want to have the experience of fishing, then you can also do that by renting a fishing boat. The beach is only crowded in the holidays, so, if you want to enjoy the silence that will relax your mind, then this beach is highly recommended.

Mawun Beach

The shape of this beach resembles to that of half-moon and this beach is gifted with pristine sand and crystal clear water. Once you get to this beach, you can have the best relaxing experience in the shade of only one but a big tree. It is an awesome place for surfing and swimming. The hills around this beach add to its beauty by changing their colour in different season. Don’t get surprised, they don’t change it by magic but the green vegetation that you see in the rainy season, turns brownish in the winters. What’s more interesting is that the high hills give you the chance to have thrilling experience and do adventures.

Tanjung Aan Beach

If you are visiting Lombok, then Tanjung Aan Beach should be in your list of must visit places. The first thing that you will notice at this place is the sand. The sand at this beach resembles the pepper. The smooth flowing water of this beach allows the tourists to have the perfect swimming and snorkelling experience. You can have the best view of this beach from the top of the hills that surround it. Unlike other beaches of Lombok, this beach offers you many facilities. The wooden umbrellas at beach side, the fresh coconut water and the rows of restaurants serving you the delicious foods are the main features of this beach.

Sire Beach

This is the must visit beach in Lombok. It’s beautiful view not only attracts the domestic visitors but the tourists from all over the world are stunned by the beauty of this beach. The long palm trees which are lined orderly and the green carpet of the grass provides to the best atmosphere for refreshing your mind and doing recreational activities.