Lombok, Indonesia

Why Lombok Has Become More Popular Over The Years

More and more people who head over to Bali are deciding that it is a wise choice not to miss the chance and stop off at the island of Lombok as well. It is a popular destination for local Indonesians to spend their time when they are on holiday. Of course, this is no surprise, since it makes an inexpensive time away and offers one with plenty to do and see. Bali is obviously the top destination, so heading off this way may offer you some peace and tranquility.

There is no doubt, tourism all over Indonesia has grown over the last couple of years. You have to plan your trip according to where you want to spend you time and what you want to focus on. For example, one may want to go on a surfing trip, and there are many top spots to look to for this. Lombok is known for its fishing in many areas and this can be a nice adventure, especially for folks who are passionate about this type of thing.

Lombok is the melting pot of cultures from the indigenous sasak people of Lombok, with their own tribes culture food language and their music. Not to mention their extraordinary wakta telu religion. All these cultures come also from the historic Arabs who settled from Yemen hundreds of years ago and settled in ampenam and east lombok and whose families still today tend to marry within their Arabic community.

Lombok is also the ideal spot for couples and honeymooners who just want to escape from life and get away from the hustle and bustle. There are many different types of accommodation that are offered in the most beautiful settings. Some are set on the coast and others in the more mountainous areas. Some are run by families and others are more luxurious. These are all inexpensive, so you can afford to spend some time here and simply soak it all in.

Lombok is known to attract surfers from all of the world. Experienced surfers head off to Bangko-Bangko for the big waves. There are also quieter beaches around the area where you can go to in order to escape the crowds. There are a couple of resorts in the area which have their own private beaches and they can also take you out snorkeling, which is something that can be a lovely experience. This is a chance to see many beautiful aquatic creatures of all sorts.

Car rental is the best way forward when you arrive in Lombok, especially since the roads are very good. This is not expensive and it is easy enough to find your way around. There are also motorcycles available for rent, which is a great way of exploring the area and can be a nice experience. You will find a lot of small coastal roads where there is no traffic and this provides one with a pleasant ride. There is also a lot to learn about the culture and the friendly people as you pass by, so it is more than just a simple holiday, but really a learning experience.