Travel to Lombok Island, Indonesia

Lombok is an Indonesian island that is part of the Nusa Tengara archipelago. Traveling to Lombok means crossing the Lombok Strait that separates Bali from the Island of Lombok. You can get to Lombok by plane, or you can take a ferry from Bali to Lombok. Lombok has its own completely different feel from Bali. It is more pristine and relaxed, and certainly less chaotic traffic-wise. Lombok is a volcanic island whose capital city is Mataram. The Rinjani volcano is still active and is 3,726 meters high, which makes it the second tallest mountain in Indonesia.

As you may have guessed, the landscape is extremely varied. You can find long, beautiful beaches as well as mountain trails and jungle fauna. For divers and snorkelers it is impossible not to notice that the island is surrounded by about 30 small other islands, some of which are the famous Gili Islands, a real paradise for those seeking diving opportunities, snorkeling house reefs and crystal clear waters.

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