What to do in Lombok

Have you been to Bali? Those who have often call it paradise. One can debate if Hawaii or Gold Coast, Bora Bora or Bali can claim that coveted connotation. What one cannot dispute is the fact that Bali is not the only crowning glory of Indonesia or the islands in Indian Ocean and across Asia Pacific. There is a relatively less known island a while away from Bali, called Lombok. This island is immune to mass tourism and thus it is an untouched and unexplored jewel.

If you are wondering what to do in Lombok, then here is what you need to know.

  • Before you start grooving on the island, you may want to explore the Gili islands. Three tiny islands just twenty minutes from Lombok on a boat would offer you a haven of activity. Gili Trawangan, which is the main island along with Gili Air and Gili Meno are extremely popular for snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming or just outright relaxing. You would also be a part of some unforgettable parties at these islands.
  • Lombok isn’t just a strip of land at sea level. It is home to Mount Rinjani which is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. You need a guided tour to the mountain and you have to check out the Crater Lake.
  • Senggigi is one of the busiest areas in Lombok. It is popular among tourists and is home to many eateries and hotspots. There’s Senggigi Beach where you can try some football or you may just chat with the local vendors who are friendly, not at all pushy and they are good at casual talks. Factor in Senggigi Reef while making your plan.
  • Lombok isn’t a place where you need to drop a fortune. You can just hire a scooter and take the route from Senggigi to Pemenang. The Malimbu hill with its vantage point offering a spectacular view of the beach, the Gili islands and the skyline which is as pristine as it can get would surely mesmerize you.
  • You have to visit the Pusuk Monkey Forest if you are in Lombok. You can see how you would get to encounter myriad experiences. From wild parties to trails and rides, a trip to the forest and then to a volcanic crater, Lombok offers a holistic vacation.
  • You should explore Kuta, another popular tourist spot. Visit the beaches or Selong Belanak, Tanjung Aan and Mawun. Check out the waterfalls at Tiu Kelep, Tiu Teja and Sendang Gile. Visit the traditional markets, explore the capital Mataram and soak in the culture and tradition of Lombok.
  • Lingsar temple is perhaps one of the few places on earth where Muslim and Hindu people every year gather together to pray in one place, which can only emphasize the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere found in lombok island where people do live joyously side by side.