Friendship through Dance

Social Dance

Social Dance Project – Lombok, Indonesia
This program is funded by
Puri Mas Boutique Resorts & Spa
Mangsit Beach and Kerandangan, Lombok – Indonesia

The owner of Puri Mas Marcel De Rijk has been associated with dance all his life, coming from a family of dance teachers.
He is a famous dancer from the Netherlands, winning 20 times the Dutch Professional title together with his sister Ratna De Rijk. They made the finals of all major World Championships in Ballroom, Latin and Ten Dance. They were also finalists in the infamous Blackpool – British Open to the World Championships.

After Marcel opened Puri Mas Resorts in Lombok, he always made “dancing” a part of the hotel by inviting Top Couples from many countries to perform dance shows. This has been a fantastic opportunity for the guests visiting Lombok, as well as the local community who were always invited to share in this experience.

Social Dance Project:
Seeing there was a want and need for the people of Lombok to join dance, Marcel created the Lombok International Dance Studios. Having such amazing support from his students and friends in dance around the world, ten years ago, Marcel also started the Lombok International Dance Festival.

Marcel’s belief that young people should be encouraged to learn Latin and Ballroom dance as a part of their education, he felt it was particularly important in Lombok to create a respect and friendship between young people from all different religions and social backgrounds. Using “Friendship Through Dance” as a medium, these young people become one.
Besides the Social elements and benefits of the project, the young people can learn the following: Interaction between male and female on a positive level showing respect and understanding for one another. Other benefits which are incredibly important for the young people are their health and fitness, balance, coordination, musical interpretation, discipline and punctuality and confidence building.

Dancing lessons are traditionally an expensive activity, therefore the only way to achieve success in attracting young people to dance is to offer them dance lessons for free. Marcel and his team of volunteers invited young people with kartu belajar – an ID card to prove they are studying at lower or high level education, to join dance classes held in their Mataram International Dance Studio, and Kerandangan International Dance Studio. This project began with just 20 young people, and over the last two years has grown to include more than 120 students.
After one year of mostly social dance instruction, the young people are able to join Dance Sport competitions as athletes, in competitions run under the official Indonesian Dance Sport Organisation IODI, which is recognized by KONI, and the Olympic Committee in Indonesia.
This form of social activity helps these young people for their future. It helps them to gain confidence, and indirectly can help them in their education and work for the future.

This valuable project is funded indirectly by the guests who stay in Puri Mas Boutique Resorts & Spa. The guests do not sponsor directly, but funding is made possible through the income of Puri Mas.
Marcel believes that it is important for an international company in Indonesia to give back to the community in some way, and one of the ways Puri Mas is doing this is via the project “Friendship Through Dance”. The support of our Puri Mas guests is significant, and we thank you for your contribution to this prodigious project.

Every year Puri Mas Boutique Resorts & Spa sponsors the Lombok International Dance Festival when hundreds of competitors from all over the world perform in Lombok. This is an amazing opportunity for our own Lombok students to compete against some of the best dancers in the world, notwithstanding that they are also judged by some of the most renowned adjudicators in the world.

The next Lombok International Dance Festival will be held over the weekend of the 15th & 16th July 2017.