Holiday & Dance

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Dancing is alive and well at Puri Mas Lombok. It’s an integral part of the history of Puri Mas Lombok and the owner, Marcel De Rijk.


As a professional Ballroom & Latin World Champion dancer, Mr. De Rijk initiated the Lombok International Dance Festival in 2004. Besides its competitive nature, the event also aims to connect the world of professional dance with a tropical holiday as summed up in the title, “Holiday & Dance”.

Every year, dance athletes from Australia, Italy, UK, Russia, Holland, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Indonesia gather in Lombok to compete in Latin & Ballroom dance styles. Yet, the biggest winners are the 150 students of Lombok International Dance Studio. The youngsters are getting invaluable lessons from the opportunity to dance alongside some of world’s best dance athletes, and to perform in front of a lineup of renowned international judges.

These young dance talents, aged from 6 years to young adults are part of a unique social project from Puri Mas that trains young people from the island in a set of dance skills that is worthy of international level performance. The social dance project is fully funded by “Friends of Puri Mas”, who are indirectly all of the guests staying in Puri Mas.  This project gains full support from Mr. Marcel De Rijk and the Lombok International School of Dance.

Over the years, Lombok International Dance Festival has grown into one of the world’s best annual dance events, bringing together more than 500 dancers from around the world in various categories each year.

Each year we see continued growth of competitors, and countries participating, along with the quality of the dancing from all participants.  In particular we are seeing tremendous growth in those dancers taking part from Indonesia.
The Lombok International Dance Sport Festival will be held again over the weekend of the 15th & 16th July 2017 (view poster here). Contact for further information or to book a great Holiday & Dance sojourn in Lombok staying in Puri Mas the supporting hotel.