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Enter the massive wooden gates of the Puri Mas Spa Resort, and you will first set your eyes on the impressive White Elephant Restaurant.  Just 2km from the Puri Mas Beach Resort and Senggigi, guests will discover a wonderland to enliven all your senses.  Here your taste, sight, sound, touch and smell will go into overload!  

The White Elephant Restaurant has been so named because of the connection with Elephants in Indonesia.  Visit any ancient palace such as Solo or Yogyakarta and you will still see the elephant houses still there today.  The White Elephant is an especially coveted creature in Asia, as it is believed to bring great powers and good fortune to those who own it. 

Puri Mas has built the most amazing structure from an original palace in Java.  This 200-year-old palace is decorated in true Sultan style.  Ornate chandeliers, exquisite artefacts from around Indonesia and best of all the most delicious cuisine from provinces all over the archipelago. 

Set in one hectare of tropical landscaped gardens, guests are invited to visit the Spa and on request, our staff will also open the museum that houses an enormous collection of precious items from all over the world.

Outside guests are also welcome.